TRASER spol. s r.o. company strategy

document version II., 2020y

The company's strategy states the company's intentions and direction of operation in relation to quality, describes how and wants the company to present to the customer and how it wants to be perceived by him.

* We provide CUSTOMER ASSURANCE that their property will not be destroyed by fire. By performing services at a HIGH LEVEL, we give customers the assurance that their fire protection system will be fully functional and reliable in the event of a threat to human life and property from fire.

* We focus on DEMANDING installations, the implementation of which is conditioned by a high level of designers and rich experience of project managers. Subsequent regular service is provided by experienced service technicians.

* The goal of the company's management is to provide the most modern, MOST EFFICIENT and most economical technologies for fire fighting. That is why we are constantly improving the quality management system and its processes.

* The company's strategy is BINDING for all employees of the company, regardless of their position in the company. We provide a pleasant and creative environment to all employees so that they can perform their work for maximum customer satisfaction.